The Design Process

Programming: Client Consultation

This phase is key to the success of the project. Time is spent getting to know you, how you live, how you work, what your needs and wants are. We will discuss your budget and timeline for the project along with your expectations of your design team. If required, a site measure will be conducted and as-built plans inputted into AutoCAD. Information is gathered and documented before beginning the Schematic or Development phase. 

Schematic Design: Concept Creation

Much of the design process is ‘behind the scenes’ from the client, and this is the first stage. Blending with the programming phase, the information gathered is turned into a concept by layering your initial ideas with my own to create a schematic package. This package may include initial floor plans/layouts, photo images, sketches and overall ideas of the design. 

Design Development: Ideas to Details

Once the concept is agreed upon, the design is further developed with more detailed floor plans, finish selections (such as flooring, cabinets, counters, tile etc) and elevations depicting key areas of the home (kitchen design, tile details, fireplace). This is where the design comes to life. Meetings will be scheduled during this phase to present the design and finishes to you for review and approval before moving on to the documentation phase. 

Contract Drawings & Documentation: The Nuts & Bolts (well almost)

This is another behind the scene phase which is essential to the project. Here drawings are detailed and an Interior (or exterior) Specification document is created that outlines the information of all the materials and finishes that were selected. This package can be issued for tender (pricing) and eventually for Building Permit and allows the contractor or builder to price, order materials and build your space.

Project Administration: Seeing it Through

During this phase I will be available to the client and builder to answer questions and conduct site visits to ensure the design is being executed as planned. If changes are made on site I will be able to document them and ensure the appropriate parties receive the information. Coordination with any consultants is also included in the Project Admin phase.